Real Estate

If you manage real estate as a property owner, developer or fee manager, you know that lease terms vary across the board.  That’s why Constructive Solutions provides you with software that handles any lease agreement, no matter how complex.  We’ll help you simplify lease management and maximize your net operation income with software that can easily handle any combination of leases, tenants and units.

Imagine being able to streamline and speed up everything you do.  Our solutions give you the flexibility to track, calculate and assess all the activity that affects the performance of the properties you manage.  You will eliminate time-consuming work-arounds and repetitive tasks; handle recoveries and escalations; and keep a handle on tenant improvements. 
Whether it’s traffic monitoring, cash transactions, tracking move-ins, move-outs and recurring charges, or processing special fees such as SNF and 3-day notices, we can help you do your jab faster and easier.  You can have reports automatically for rent roll, apartment status, lease expiration, aged delinquency, marketing source, traffic summary, and occupancy/availability. 
Constructive Solutions has helped many real estate companies manage their businesses. These businesses may vary from office buildings to condominium associations to regional malls and everything in between.  We have the expertise to guide your organization to profitability.

Solutions for the Real Estate Industry:

Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate
(formerly Sage Timberline Office)

Project Accounting
Project Management
Service Management
Real Estate Management

Prolog by Trimble
Project Management

Document Management

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