Specialty & Service

Whether you specialize in new construction, service contracting or both, the key to your success can be summed up in one word:  control.  Our solutions provide single source control of facts and figures at every stage of every project.  The result is better efficiency and better profit for specialty & service contractors including:

-  Electrical           -  Mechanical   
-  Plumbing          -  Heating           
-  Roofing             -  Drywall
-  Restoratio        -  And many more

As a specialty or service company, you have an entirely unique set of needs from most other builders or contractors.  You may have inventory, equipment, specialized labour, service dispatch, a high volume of purchasing, you may even subcontract work out yourself.  You need to stay on top of you labour costs, track utilization and cost-to-complete.  To do this, you’ll need an integrated accounting and job cost system.  You can also bring in an estimate module with your own materials and assemblies to increase the accuracy and speed of estimating and take-offs.

Constructive Solutions provides Canadian specialty and service contractors with software solutions that help streamline operations, improve communications and eliminate duplicate data entry.  Stay on top of inventory, know where you stand on actual and committed costs and keep an eye on cash flow and cost forecasts all without missing a beat.

Solutions for the Specialty & Service Industry:

Sage 300 Construction
& Real Estate (formerly Sage Timberline Office)

Project Accounting
Project Management
Service Management

Sage 100 Contractor (formerly Sage   Masterbuilder)
Reporting and Analysis
Service Management
Project Management 

Prolog by Trimble
Project Management
Document Management

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