anterraBI™  -  Business iIntelligence for Construction & Real Estate

anterraBI™ for Construction and  anterraBI™ for Real Estate improves your reporting and gets everyone at your company using the same vocabulary to measure success.

Use our hosted 170 pre-built drill through dashboards, scorecards and graphs to get the complete view of your operations, AR, NOI, lease expiry and occupancy.  Get the straight facts on your business using your computer oriPad today.

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anterraBI™ answers the most important questions you have with beautifully designed reports:

Is your project margin eroding over time?   See your job margin over time by job type and project manager
Do you have enough cash on hand?   Know how many months of G &A your cash balance covers
Why is my WIP process so hard?   Generate WIP reports automatically
How is your portfolio income trending?     See your income by portfolio ownership, property type or manager.
What is the financial impact of expiring leases?        Instantly see area and cost of lease expiry over any horizon.
Which tenant has the largest AR balance in your portfolio?   Rank tenant AR and drill to charges anytime.
What is the number on my income statement?    Drill throiugh financial statement to transactions

Here are the features that will give you a competitive advantage:

  • We provide a single source of vtruth for your reporting.  Stop wasting time in meetings debating where numbers come from.
  • Our reporting is available anywhere, period.  You can access it on any computer (PC or Mac) or on your iPad.  No more logging into VPN’s or remote desktops, access is instant.
  • We have worked with construction companies around the world to develop reporting with built in best practices.
  • We can report across multiple systems.  This helps eliminate management by spreadsheet.
  • We’ve developed a data cube that lets us do trend analysis so you know where you are heading.  We have trend graphs for financial ratios, net income budget vs. actual by company, work backlog and job margin gain/erosion.
  • We use the best Microsoft reporting technology available.  Let us manage the technology while you focus on your business.

     anterraDataCenter™ - Connects Timberline to SQL

anterraDataCenterTM connects Sage 300 (Timberline) to a Microsoft SQL™ database.  Complex Sage 300 CRE reports run in less than 2 minutes. Report across all data folder on the same report. Continuous data synchronization.   All Sage Timberline Office data from all of your data folders is available to show on the same report: GL, Job Cost, AP, Payroll, Service Management, Purchasing and Inventory, Project and Property Management Data is updated continually, on a schedule or on demand.

  • Complex report speed increases dramatically – reports run in seconds off large data files
  • Run reports that combine information and results from multiple Timberline data folders – include information from multiple companies or current and archived data
  • Use Crystal or SSRS Reports to publish information to the Sage Timberline Office Desktop, to Microsoft SharePoint™\or to your company’s intranet
  • Sage Timberline Office Desktop speed increases dramatically – refresh dashboards in seconds
  • Integration of data with other software systems is easy