Extending the Power of Prolog
The Encompass product suite offers complete solutions to assist the AEC industry with the collection, verification, and entry of paper-based and electronic data by providing flexible tools to configure custom business rules and manage information. 

Customers use Encompass to streamline the management of emails, faxes, mobile, and web data by taking advantage of the parsing, routing, storage and retrieval features, as well as using the Encompass features to interface with Meridian Systems' Prolog Manager® product line, as well as many other 3rd party systems. Encompass also provides the core foundation for custom-built solutions that provide asset information management, change management, supply chain management, and data workflow management. Robust reporting and notification management sub-systems round out the Encompass suite by offering customers powerful tools for enterprise reporting and automated event-driven notifications.


EnMOBILE extends the Power of Prolog where construciton takes place -  in the field.
Work Faster, improve field communications, reduce data input errors, and mitigate risk by empowering users with access to project data where the work is taking place - in the field.  Timely communicaiton from the field is critical to the success of a project.  Using traditional methods, several hours or even days will often times pass before information is conveyed from the job-site to team-members, management, and partners.  These delays in the exchange of information can ultimately result in work stoppage, or schedule delays that impact your bottom line.

enMOBILE Features
   -  Works seamlessly with Prolog Manager or Prolog Converge
   -  The only mobile solutions build exclusively for Prolog, offering an unmatched level of integration.  Supports Prolog
       security, reporting, and KPI-based notificaitons.
   -  Allows real-time collaboration with project partners
   -  Lets you work wirelessly on-line off off-line then easily sync later witha single click.
   -  Offers seamless and secure integration w ith tablet PCs and smart phones
   -  Capture critical project data int he field including safety notices, RFIs, Building Information Model (BIM) data,
      and more
   -  One-click synchronization with Prolog including all attachments, photo, and sketches


Your business lives on email.  enMAIL makes it work with Prolog. 
enMail automatically transforms email information into Prolog data.  Utilizing existing office applications, enMAIL can use emailed Word and Excel Prolog data entry templates as input.

enMAIL Features
   -  Works seamlessly with Prolog Manager or Prolog Converge
Automatically takes general email corre­spondence and turns it into Prolog Trans­mittal & Correspondence or
      a Conversa­tion Log record, including attachments

   -  Works with Outlook, GroupWise, webmail, and all POP3 and IMAP email platforms
Create your own Prolog data entry forms such as RFI, Punch Lists, or Submittal Package in Word or Excel
      and distribute them to your team-members. enMAIL will then process the completed forms and auto-populate
      the correct Prolog re­cords, including attachments.
enMAIL is securely configured using Se­cure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Extending the Power of Prolog with enROUTE
enROUTE is the intuitive, web-based visual workflow solutions for the routing and approval of project-dritical documents.

enROUTE Features
   -  Works seamlessly with Prolog Converge
   -  Web-based interface is easy for all parties to  use, while providing a graphical workflow of a Prolog record or
      document's status for key stakeholders
   -  Provides authorized users the ability to make sequential or simultaneous approvals
   -  Sends automatic email alerts to workflow partidcipants, notifying them to take action when needed
   -  auto emails contain hyperlinks to the exact Prolog Converge record or document requiring attention: No digging
      through projects and directories  
   -  Supports pre-defined workflows as well as ad-hoc workflow creation for authorized personnel
   -  Provides secure date and time stamps when approver views record
   -  Single interface delivers visibility across multiple projects and portfolios
   -  Eliminates the delays and risks of paper-based routing
   -  Aligns iwht green building initiatives