Web Services has a lineup of services aimed at helping field staff communicate and manage information more effectively, and help office staff keep tabs on what is happening on the jobsite. Simply sync your existing data from Sage Timberline Office. With modules that allow online Timesheets, Daily Logs, and Human Resources, HH2 Web Services has everything you need to get access to critical information.

hh2 Remote Payroll

hh2 Remote Payroll streamlines and automates gathering, approving, and reporting job-costed payroll data from remote jobsites while syncing seamlessly with Sage Timberline Office. Time submission and approvals happen at the click of the button and automated tools make it easy to create labor reports. The best part-there is no software, hardware, or IT infrastructure costs. A web browser is all you need.

hh2 Human Resources

hh2 Human Resources helps keep all your vital employee information in one easy-to-access place. Quickly reduce the amount of time spent managing HR tasks through a convenient interface that is accessible anywhere, even on your mobile devices. With applications built for the iPhone and iPad, bring an extreme efficiency to all your HR processes.

hh2 Field Reports

Imagine getting rid of your paper log books. Imagine office staff being able to search the log book by typing simple key words. Imagine having the peace of mind in knowing your logs of daily events have been digitally signed to verify authenticity. Imagine being able to contribute to and report on logs from anywhere...anytime. Imagine all this information seamlessly flowing into Sage Timberline Office’s Project Management module. Imagine project management and job cost reports available from anywhere...anytime. With hh2 Field Reports you can make this a reality.

With hh2 Field Reports, there are no software, hardware or IT infrastructure costs in order to take full advantage of using it. You pay one low monthly subscription fee and that’s all. With plans starting as low as $24.50 permonth, cost savings add up fast.