On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) increases accuracy and efficiency, which in turn helps you to win more profitable bids.  With OST, estimators can calculate linear, area, and volume measurements and quantify individual condition objects directly on the computer screen. In addition, estimators are able to navigate through drawings, zoom in and out on any area, and print.

By doing away with the manual takeoff process and automating all of your calculations, OST can help drastically reduce missed items and miscalculations. With OST, you will be able to view, measure, and markup plans on the screen.  Measuring square footage, perimeters,

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General Contracting  /  Concrete  /  Interior Walls & Ceilings   /  Flooring
Painting  /  Roofing  /  Landscaping  /  Firestopping  /  Electrical  /  Masonry


Increase Accuracy
View color-coded drawings to identify conditions and their quantities.
   -  Takeoff the typical area one time, and by design, extend the quantities to all the appropriate individual areas
      with the typical groups feature.
   -  Complete your takeoff and make area assignments or phase adjustments after you are done without re-taking
      off the project.
   -  Save multiple hours of exhausting plan review with the overlay feature. When comparing two versions of a
      drawing, deleted items are in red and added items are in blue.

Reduce Risk
Eliminate manually summarizing takeoff. Benefit from conditions itemized by area and totaled automatically,
      with filtering capabilities.
   -  Open details, sections, and elevation with the secondary view, and see a floor plan simultaneously.
   -  Use the layers feature when completing a takeoff of multiple divisions of work to visibly turn conditions on or
      off the plan image
while concentrating on certain scopes of work.
   -  Increase communication efficiency by copying and pasting plans with takeoff, notes, and annotations to submit
      as an RFI.

Bid More In Less Time
Eliminate an entire manual takeoff process. As you highlight marked images, precise quantities are
      automatically measured. "If it's colored, it's counted."
   -  Instantly calculate up to three different quantities per condition, chosen from multiple formulas.
   -  Streamline project setup by creating typical takeoff conditions called "styles". Combine styles into
      sets to quickly drop-in multiple conditions to your bid.
   -  Create an export link directly with your Microsoft Excel templates through On-Screen Takeoff.

Key Features: 
Allows estimators to view digital plans, .pdf's, and CAD files
   -  Perform electronic takeoffs directly on a computer
   -  Quickly and accurately count, measure, and calculate lengths, areas, and volumes
   -  Integrates with Sage Estimating Standard or Extended using Sage Estimating ePlan Interface