Print cheques with Quality and Security  - PrintBoss makes your documents smarter because it adds the intelligence to print, email, fax and digitally file your documents anywhere on you network.  PrintBoss seamlessly integrates with Sage Timberline Office and other accounting software.  

 Most customers use PrintBoss to created checks on blank check paper. PrintBoss creates the check format and all the check information including the company information, bank account number, bank routing number and check number. You can save 80% of the cost of buying preprinted checks. Companies with multiple bank accounts can use the same paper for all of the checks that they print. 
Unique information such as legends or email addresses are logically evaluated for printing copy specific details.Each Bank Account can have encrypted, secure signatures automatically printed based on dollar amounts or other conditions. Positive Pay files can automatically be created to individual Bank specifications.

With the release of PrintBoss 5.70, the Enterprise Edition included an unlimited number of Bank Account Records. This means you can create as many bank accounts as you need in PrintBoss at no additional cost.