Prolog by Trimble

 Project-based organizations within AEC, Commercial, and Public sector industries use Prolog to improve top-line revenue growth while reducing their capital construction costs. Prolog Manager helps general contractors, engineering firms, building owners and public agencies efficiently manage all critical project data in one central software system, ensuring project management best practices are followed. With Prolog Manager, your project team members can quickly identify and mitigate potential areas of risk-before they impact project delivery performance or your bottom line.


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PROLOG SUITE – The Industry Standard for Successful Project Delivery

Prolog® Suite is a Windows-based project management application that automates daily construction processes, from project design to closeout. Built on the Microsoft SQL Server database platform, Prolog Suite delivers robust performance and real-time visibility for managing construction projects and programs. With features including collaboration, purchasing management, cost controldocument management and field administration capabilities, Prolog Suite has become the industry standard for construction project control and transparency.   Learn More

As a complete construction management solution, Prolog enables you to:
   -  Work in a windows, web-based or cloud environment
   -  Manage project collaboration workflow
   -  Perform robust construction project management
   -  Reduce your project schedule by collaborating more effectively with your project team
   -  Manage multiple projects in one database
   -  Generate summary reports and queries across all projects
   -  Globally view all company projects to find trends and identify problems early
   -  Make critical decisions quickly using accurate corporate information
   -  Do more with less, and make your existing staff more efficient
   -  Standardize your project data and organization's business processes across all projects
   -  Audit projects for deficiencies and risk exposure
   -  Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor all levels of company profitability, efficiency
      and performance
   -  Improve document control by streamlining the review process, tracking revisions and storing master
      files, including email records in a central project database
   -  Increase productivity with efficient data modification tools

PROLOG CONVERGE - Web-based Construction Project Management

Prolog® Converge is a Web-based project management application powered by Prolog. Today's construction organizations face many challenges including how to bring extended project teams together across geographical locations, in online and offline environments, and across different technology systems and devices. By providing a rich Web-based user interface on a powerful Web services platform, Prolog Converge allows project teams to collaborate more efficiently and gives users the flexibility to choose how they access critical project data.
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PROLOG SKY SERVICE - All the functionality of Prolog delivered in the sky

Prolog Sky is a service that allows organizations to access Prolog's robust construction project management functionality over the internet.  An alternative to purchasing, deploying, and managing software applications internally, the Sky service provided access to complete Prolog functionality with the additional advantages of reliability and security, adaptability and better bottom line.  Learn More

PROLOG MOBILE - Bringing Prolog Project Management to the Field

Prolog Mobile is a native application that provides seamless access to Prolog’s robust construction field management functionality in a secure mobile environment.  With support for both Apple iPad and for Microsoft Windows mobile platforms, Prolog Mobile empowers field staff by extending Prolog construction project management software to mobile devices without any special integration, including:  Daily Construction Reports, Punch List Tracking, RFIs, Safety Notices, Inspections and Tests, Events, Field Work Directives, Hot Lists, Issues, Notices to Comply, Document Viewing.

With or without an internet connection, data can be collected in the field in real time, then automatically synchronized with Prolog back in the office, creating a complete system of record for all project data. By allowing field staff to view vital project information and to manage construction oversight activities in real time, Prolog Mobile provides efficiencies that enhance visibility and accountability, lowers risk and saves time and money. Learn More.