TimberScan is a program designed exclusively for Sage Timberline Office to automate the AP approval process. It uses built-in imaging technology to provide paperless invoice processing. Although going paperless is a major leap forward, the breakthrough innovation and the key to TimberScan’s success is its ability to define each company’s unique business rules for routing invoices, thereby automating even the most complex routing requirements.

TimberScan works so well because it was designed from the ground up to provide AP automation for Sage Timberline Office users. The program was created in 2004 for a very large Timberline client with over 125 users that processed thousands of invoices every week. The software was designed to automate every aspect of the approval process. Superfluous steps were removed and workflow automation and integration with Sage Timberline Office became the main design considerations of the program.

Today TimberScan is used by over 10,000 Timberline users at over 550 companies
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Most paperless systems are document-centric. Each scanned document requires a person to scan, categorize, code, route, and name it before moving to the next document. This is not the case in TimberScan. TimberScan is batch oriented. All invoices are scanned as a batch and the coding is a separate batch process. Naming documents and routing are also automatically completed by the system. This batch processing allows for division of labor and increased efficiency.

TimberScan automates every aspect of the approval process including supporting documents in the workflow. Now approvers can receive the invoice with purchase orders, receiving tickets, packing slips, and other pertinent documents required for completing the approval process.

The level of integration with Timberline that TimberScan has achieved is truly praiseworthy. TimberScan integrates with Timberline Purchase Order Module, Service Management POs, Residential Management POs, Equipment Costing, Recurring Invoices, Sales Tax Calculation, and many other areas of Timberline. This tight integration makes TimberScan an extension of Timberline.

TimberScan’s focus is providing a powerful yet easy to use paperless solution for anyone that wants automatic approval routing, great reporting, and total control of the approval process. With hundreds of clients, TimberScan is a perfect solution for AP approval woes.