TimberScan AIM

Advanced Image Management

Core Associates has expanded TimberScan’s capabilities and versatility to handle all types of documents and images.

How it works. AIM expands TimberScan’s capability to attach any and all documents to the entire the Sage 300 CRE system. Clients can scan a document, categorize and validate it against data in Sage and AIM will automatically attach the documents to the corresponding record in Sage. Bids, proposals, contracts, drawing, RFIs, leases, HR doc, and any other types of images will easily flow into Sage 300 CRE. AIM provides full security for any document type and allows for sensitive documents that should not attach to Sage.

Key Benefits

  • Able to handle ALL document types not just invoices
  • Security for sensitive documents
  • Easy to use & install
  • Straightforward to implement
  • Intuitive
  • Available as extension of TimberScan or as a standalone system 

TimberScan AIM Overview Video watch now